Test Card Talks : Dan Hett + Donald Hanson (gifSlap)

Tuesday, 5 April, 2016 -
19:00 to 22:30
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Show Us Your Screens RITUALS (Dan Hett) is a visual artist, livecoder and vj from Manchester. He uses cutting-edge livecoding techniques and on-the-fly generative visual mixing to create large scale and usually completely improvised visuals for concerts, festivals, installations and beyond.

'Show Us Your Screens' is a brand new talk, specifically focusing on improvised livecoding as a creative practice - the act of writing completely improvised code to create live audio-reactive visuals, where the code is also displayed as part of the output, projected onto the stage, performers, revellers and occasionally himself. Dan will cover everything from the creative implications of writing code in a live and often chaotic environment, through to a brief rundown of the software and systems that make it all happen. Along the way Dan will be demonstrating a range of livecoding software and techniques - no videos in this session.

And for the faint of heart: there will be loud noise and flashing images throughout!